Connecting eShares to Zenefits

eShares now integrates with Zenefits, the all-in-one HR platform. Connecting Zenefits and eShares notifies the right people at the right times. Here are the key benefits you get from the integration:

Drafting option grants in Zenefits

You can now draft option grants in Zenefits when creating offer letters. Vesting schedules, equity plan names, and security types are pulled from eShares, so you can select from the details you already created and saved:

Drafting an option grant in ZenefitsDrafting an option grant in Zenefits

When an employee accepts their offer, the option grant appears as a draft in eShares. The administrator can then board approve and issue the option grant.

“Zenefits Drafts” in eShares“Zenefits Drafts” in eShares

Notifying eShares administrators of terminated employees

Zenefits triggers an email to eShares administrators when an employee is terminated. The notification prompts the eShares administrator to terminate any outstanding securities:

Termination notice sent to eShares administrators.Termination notice sent to eShares administrators.

Creating stakeholder profiles in eShares

Stakeholder details — like employee ID numbers and employment types — flow from Zenefits into eShares. This lets you track and run reports on employees between the two systems.

Confirming eShares integration with Zenefits.Confirming eShares integration with Zenefits.

With Zenefits and eShares connected, your HR and equity administrators are on the same page.

If you’re not using Zenefits already, you can go here to get 20% off of any of the Zenefits annual premium plans.

James Seely

James Seely

James grew up in Seattle before moving to the Bay Area to study at Santa Clara University. He has been a product marketer at eShares for almost three years.